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Paint Out Norwich

This year, Paint Out Norwich (14-15 Oct) is actually Paint Out Bishop’s and Plantation Gardens in Norwich and provides a finale to the Paint Out Norfolk Gardens series which will have taken place May-October, through the year’s changing seasons, light, and colour.


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Artists working in a variety of mediums are encouraged to create art “en plein air“, out and about among Norwich’s vibrant cityscape, during a timed competition in full view of the public. Artists will be able to choose between the Core 3-hour challenge events and/or the returning Nocturne event. Thousands of pounds of prizes will be awarded across many categories, as well as runners-up and judges’ commendations so that there’s plenty of scope for recognition of your work and achievement.

What is Paint Out & Plein Air?

Paint Out™ is a multi-faceted event aiming to redefine en plein air art practice. Our core event is the premier and only fully juried en plein air competition in the United Kingdom, celebrating the talents of national and international artists before a wide and growing audience in the heart of medieval and iconic Norwich and at satellite locations.

Plein Air – Art works carried out in the open air – chiefly with reference to painting. The Paint Out competitions, however, accept any 2-dimensional media or mixed-media applied to a canvas/board/paper embracing drawing, pastels, oils, watercolour, and even screen-printing. Innovation and originality are encouraged alongside traditional art forms.

History of the Paint Out Competition

Paint Out Norwich launched in 2014 during the city’s October Hostry Festival, that itself began in 2011. Some 30 artists participated in the first Norwich event, 35-45 in subsequent events. Read about the prizewinners from Paint Out Norwich 2014, Norwich 2015, Norwich 2016Norwich 2017 and Paint Out Norwich 2018.


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