Artists Public Open-to-all Paint Out in Tombland, Norwich 16 October

Tombland Public Paint Out for Artists

Artist Richard Bond painting Norwich Cathedral Paint Out 22 Oct 2014
Artist Richard Bond, Paint Out Norwich 2015 winner painting Norwich Cathedral from Tombland during Paint Out 2014

In 2015 Paint Out ran a 100-person mass public paint out on Mousehold Heath, Norwich and also a sunrise on Wells Beach, North Norfolk. This year we are running a Sunday afternoon paint out for all in and around the historic Tombland and Cathedral Close/Quarter district. These public paint outs are great opportunities to paint alongside experienced competition artists. If you want to brush up your drawing or painting skills, there are art workshops the day before at Anteros Arts on Fye Bridge St.

  • Sunday 16 October 2016, Norwich, Tombland afternoon paint out (1-4pm)

The cost is just £10 for individuals or £20 for families to come out and paint together with the opportunity to have the best and most varied paintings, drawings, collages, hung in Anteros Arts Centre.

There are plenty of places you could paint including Princes Street, Fye Bridge, Tombland, around the Cathedral Gates, Cloisters and Close. Dozens of artists will be there, come and join them and take art back out onto the streets of Norwich.

From midday, you can also get a prix fixe special lunch+drink deal at North Cafe Bar for just £7.

Norwich Tombland Sunday Paint Out

Paint Out Norwich Tombland public \'paint out\'
Optional, though if you are 35 or under please enter this as there are youth-specific prizes
Artists painting on Mousehold Heath at Paint Out Norwich 2015
Artists painting on Mousehold Heath at Paint Out Norwich 2015


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