Paint Out Norwich 2015 Exhibition Choice People’s Favourite Artist Liam Wales

Artist Liam Wales painting Pottergate at Paint Out Norwich 2015

Artist Liam Wales wins again!

Paint Out People’s Choice winner strikes again, EDP 2015-11-14
Paint Out People’s Choice winner strikes again, EDP 2015-11-14

The Paint Out Norwich Exhibition Vote People’s Choice award was won again in 2015 by artist Liam Wales. When Liam first entered Paint Out in 2014 he was also the overwhelming Archant/EDP People’s Choice vote winner at the Hostry Festival exhibition of paintings. As well as receiving £100 and a Judge’s commendation from David Curtis for his St Giles on the Hill painting (see below) he wins an additional £100 prize cheque, courtesy of Archant. His unmistakable draughtsman-like style of charcoal or pen and ink, with occasional colour wash, has stood out two years running. He has a quirky love of bikes and cars that has seen them feature in many of his works.

Artist Liam Wales - My Surly Bike on Pottergate, £750 16x24 Ink & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015 photo by Mark Ivan Benfield
Artist Liam Wales – My Surly Bike on Pottergate, £750 Buy 16×24 Ink & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015

About Liam Wales

Liam says he likes to “work quickly with a fluid line which gives each drawing a particular spontaneity.” Every artist was given 3 hours to complete each art work, and on several occasions Liam has wrapped up early.

“I really enjoyed the interaction with the other artists and the public. Because I like to work quickly, I also enjoyed the restricted timescale for producing the artwork.”

When not out doing en plein air drawings and paintings Liam works doing reconstruction paintings for English Heritage, and as an illustrator in London, “producing hand drawn visuals for Architects who are tired of seeing so many computer generated images.”

Artist Liam Wales - Michael's House 16x24 Ink, Watercolour & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015 photo by Mark Benfield
Artist Liam Wales – Michael’s House, £850 Buy 16×24 Ink, Watercolour & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015

He comes from a long line of artistic family members who have all encouraged him to draw. What he loves about Norwich is its:

“diversity of impressive views and quirky details and a receptive public who seem to like creativity.”

He has recorded many Norwich views including the iconic Royal Arcade, an art work whose detail shows off his architectural and artist’s eye at one and the same time.

Artist Liam Wales - Royal Arcade, £750 16x24 Ink & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015 photo by Mark Ivan Benfield
Artist Liam Wales – Royal Arcade, £750 Buy 16×24 Ink & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015

All the paintings above are still for sale – use the Buy links to enquire. Other art created by Liam at Paint Out Norwich 2015 include the following sold works of St Giles on the Hill:

Artist Liam Wales - St Giles on the Hill at Night 16x24 Ink, Watercolour & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015 photo by Mark Ivan Benfield
Artist Liam Wales – St Giles on the Hill at Night, SOLD 16×24 Ink, Watercolour & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015
Artist Liam Wales - St Giles on the Hill 16x24 Ink, Watercolour & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015 photo by Mark Ivan Benfield
Artist Liam Wales – St Giles on the Hill, SOLD 16×24 Ink, Watercolour & Charcoal on Paper at Paint Out Norwich 2015

Paint Out Wells-next-the-Sea secures Albatros Ship as Artists’ Hub

The Albatros at Well-next-the-Sea Quay, Norfolk

All Aboard the Albatros!

The Albatros moored at Wells-next-the-Sea, Photo © Katy Jon Went
The Albatros moored at Wells-next-the-Sea

Paint Out Wells-next-the-Sea is to board the Albatros during its inaugural September Plein Air arts event on the North Norfolk coast. The Albatros is a late 19th century Dutch cargo ship built in 1899. The North Sea clipper, being of Dutch origins is spelled Albatros, not the English ‘albatross’.

She is one of the oldest sailing ships still afloat, albeit now permanently moored alongside the quay of picturesque Wells-next-the-sea. The quayside coastal mooring provides stunning 360° views of the fishing village, salt marshes and historic harbour area, and now provides on-board accommodation in the old crew quarters, a bar, restaurant, and music venue.

The Dutch Captain, Ton Brouwer, serves many authentic dishes from the Netherlands including pancakes and his mother’s homemade soup recipes. In addition, he serves his real ales from his adopted home-county supplied by Woodforde’s Brewery in Woodbastwick. Woodforde‘s was originally named after Parson James Woodforde of Weston Longville in Norfolk, whose personal diaries described his 18th century passion for fine food and hearty ales, often home-brewed.

Albatros as Artistic HQ for Paint Out Wells

The Albatros will provide a suitably quirky and historic event hub during the Paint Out artists’ painting days of 9th-11th September and will hopefully inspire their creative output and sustain their endeavours with the ship’s supplies of food and drink! Artists can still register or apply to take part in the juried-entry competition by 31 July.

The Albatros Ship, Dutch speciality menu, Wells, Norfolk
The Albatros Ship, Dutch speciality menu, Wells, Norfolk ©KatyJon

The Albatros: web | facebook | twitter

Ship’s Log – Dates in Albatros History

The Albatros was first built as a cargo clipper for Captain Johannes Muller of Middelharnis, near Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The Albatros, rigging detail, Wells, Norfolk © Katy Jon Went
The Albatros, rigging detail, Wells, Norfolk ©KatyJon

Surviving World War I, the ship changed hands in 1920 and under Danish ownership gained her first engine in 1993 to augment her sails. In 1941 she was sold again by then Captain Lolk to another Dane, Captain Rasmussen, who kept her trading throughout World War II.

Rasmussen also used the Albatros to rescue Jews and carry political dissidents from Nazi-occupied Denmark to neutral Sweden returning on those round-trips with guns and explosives for the Danish Resistance secreted among the cargo.

Albatros purchased by Ton Brouwer

Rasmussen retired in 1978, but after a couple of years laid up in Copenhagen, in 1980, Ton Brouwer purchased the Albatros and sailed her to Amsterdam, in his native Netherlands. Brouwer, originally from near Gouda, had started life as an academic teaching German literature in Amsterdam but was determined to not be –

“trapped between four walls for the rest of [his] life…and wanted to do something with [his] hands.” (Source: EDP)

After four years of complete restoration the Albatros was recommissioned in 1987 as a sailing cargo vessel and over the next decade become “Europe’s last cargo ship under sail in the Home Trade and the Baltic trade”.

The Albatros Ship below decks, Well-next-the-Sea, Norfolk
The Albatros Ship below decks, Well-next-the-Sea, Norfolk © Albatros

Her first cargo after restoration was sailing soya beans to Macduff, Scotland. Brouwer took to recommissioning lives as well as the ship by taking on disaffected young offenders as crew.

Albatros visits Wells-next-the-Sea

From 1990 the Albatros became a regular visitor to the port of Wells bringing in over 100 cargoes from Europe. On September 5th 1996 the Albatros “delivered 100 tons of soyabean meal from Rotterdam to the North Norfolk port of Wells-next-the-Sea. Those who stood on The Quay two days later and watched her sail back to Holland were present at an historic moment: The Albatros was the last sail driven cargo ship in Europe and this marked the end of her 98 year career as a freight carrier.” What finally finished the cargoes to Wells was BSE – mad cow disease, and the closure of Wells as a commercial port.

Albatros as Education Afloat

By 1998 the Albatros was re-licensed as a passenger ship and until 2000 was chartered by Greenpeace for children’s environmental education along the coast of Holland.

Albatros returns to Wells-next-the-Sea

From 2001 the Albatros became permanently based at Wells-Next-The-Sea, still sailing but as an educational venture under the auspices of The Albatros Project Trust.

The Albatros Ship-Restaurant, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk
The Albatros Ship-Restaurant, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk ©KatyJon

The Trust dissolved in 2005 and the Wells Harbour Commissioners and North Norfolk District Council granted Ton Brouwer his license to trade as a dining and entertainment venue. In as interview with the EDP he said:

“From the first moment I felt at home in Wells…I think it was a combination of things. It is a lot like where I come from in Holland. There was a lot of reclaimed marshland there and there is around Wells as well. The people were very open and very friendly to us. I think it is because they have always been open to visitors from the sea.”

Paint Out Wells-next-the-Sea 2015

This September, 9-11, the Albatros sees yet another temporary shift in purpose as it becomes the daily hub for up to 30 artists across the 3 production days of the Plein Air arts competition that comes to Wells for the first time this year. Paint Out began with Paint Out Norwich in 2014 during the October Hostry Festival and this year has chosen Wells-next-the-Sea as an exciting satellite event opportunity.

The Paint Out team hope that the Albatros will serve as an original and spectacular hub location and celebrate the Norfolk-Netherlands connection and shared traditions of  both the ship and en plein air painting.

Media covers emerging Paint Out Norwich 2015 details

Mustard News previews Paint Out Norwich 2015 & interviews organiser James Colman, 31 March 2015

TV & Press cover Paint Out Norwich 2015 Competition details

Regional press and television – the EDP, Norwich Evening News, and Mustard TV – covered the announcement of further details about this year’s Paint Out Norwich en plein air painting competition.

Mousehold Heath, Norwich

Paint Out Norwich 2015 announcement, Norwich Evening News, 31 March 2015
Paint Out Norwich 2015 announcement, Norwich Evening News, 31 March 2015

Mousehold Heath, overlooking Norwich’s historic views, will be among new and additional locations taken on by up to 50 jury-selected artists.

Mousehold Heath set to feature in return of art competition celebrating Norwich … including a mass painting event which will see all the artists gather together at Mousehold Heath to paint the city’s skyline on October 22″, Norwich Evening News

In Tudor times, Mousehold Heath once stretched as far north as South Walsham and was then 22 miles round in size. It is a historic site that has been a part of a battle, Peasants’ revolt and was the location of the 16,000  men of Kett’s rebellion before they stormed Norwich.

Mousehold Heath has featured in famous paintings by several of the Norwich School of Artists, including John Crome and John Sell Cotman, as well as the Norwich born novelist and artist, and former Lord Mayor, RH Mottram.

Up until the early 1900s, Mousehold Heath was open countryside with few trees –

“a classic heathland landscape. The area was kept open by grazing animals and by local people collecting bedding and feed for livestock and fuel for the winter. As the way people lived changed, these traditions disappeared. This resulted in a gradual loss of open heath to scrub and woodland.” Read more about Mousehold Heath’s history and conservation.

Norwich Nocturne Painting Challenge

James Colman, who organises Paint Out Norwich with Will Buckley, said:

Moonlight in Norwich, John Crome, Norwich School of Artists
Moonlight in Norwich, John Crome, Norwich School of Artists

“We are very excited about doing Paint Out Norwich again and that we are expanding it to include more artists. We are also going to diversify the programme so that we keep our core event from last year but on top of that we are going to have a select number of artists doing a nocturnal event that will run parallel to the day event.”, Norwich Evening News

“On two nights there are going to be a limited number of artists out on the streets painting illuminated Norwich“, Mustard TV

Confirmed Paint Out Competition Details

It is confirmed therefore, that the 2015 Paint Out Norwich competition will have 3 painting days and 2 nights 20-22 October, with an auction and exhibition in the 2 weeks following.

“Just by the sheer enthusiasm of people in Norwich responding well to all the artists’ work we feel this is an exciting prospect and I think it will grow and grow– James Colman, Mustard TV

Artist Liam Wales wins People’s Choice Award at Paint Out Norwich 2014

Paint Out Norwich People's Choice Award EDP 4 Nov 2014

People’s Choice Award Winner – Liam Wales

Artist Liam Wales
Artist, Liam Wales

The People’s Choice Award, £250 of arts materials sponsored by Norwich Art Supplies of St Benedict’s Street, has been won by artist Liam Wales.

Liam received an overwhelming share of the combined Exhibition and online vote for his works of art created at Elm Hill, Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Castle, and Norwich Market.

The last one he completed in about half the 3 hours allotted! When members of the public realised that these were Plein Air works being done under almost exam conditions, yet amidst the challenges of the elements, public engagement, changing scenes, etc., many were amazed at the quality and range of the work. Indeed one went so far as to comment:

“it is the best art event in Norfolk this year”

Liam Wales with his final finished work in half the time
Liam Wales with his final finished work in half the time

Yorkshire-born Liam, now residing in Highgate, London, says that, for him:

 “…the most useful lesson in learning how to draw was watching my father draw. He taught me how to look at things carefully. As an architect he had a quick fluid line which I have gratefully adopted and adapted… As well as drawing for my own pleasure, I enjoy a diversity of commissions from country house portraits to illustrating fashion collections. I often use watercolour, but prefer my simpler line work. I try to draw with a loose line that roams over the page, editing and describing as I go, with a keen eye for any quirky details. I like to work on the spot and spontaneity is important. I live in London next to Hampstead Heath. Its swimming ponds, woods and open countryside, are an oasis of calm surrounded by a jostling metropolis. It is this mix that I relish in my drawings – nature juxtaposed with the man made.”

Liam Wales – Paint Out Art

Liam produced two works of art as pen, ink and charcoal, another as mixed media, and one as pen only.

PON14 Painting #27 Liam Wales, Elm Hill, pen, ink & charcoal
Elm Hill by Liam Wales, pen, ink & charcoal #PON14

He began on Wednesday 22 October, in the morning, at Elm Hill, continuing in the afternoon on to Norwich Cathedral, where he chose a viewpoint within and of the cloisters.

PON14 Painting #55 Liam Wales
Cloisters, Norwich Cathedral, by Liam Wales, pen, ink & charcoal #PON14
PON14 Painting #83 Liam Wales, Norwich from the Castle, mixed media
Norwich from the Castle by Liam Wales, mixed media #PON14

On Thursday 23 October he had Norwich Castle and the Market as locations, at the former electing to use mixed media for his only coloured art work portraying a view of Norwich from the Castle’s perspective.

As many as 5,000 visitors flocked to the Exhibition of 110 works of art at the Norwich Cathedral Hostry between 23 October and 2 November to witness the finished pieces by the 28 selected participating artists across 7 local iconic and/or historic locations at Paint Out Norwich 2014. Hundreds of them also participated in the People’s Choice Award vote, which Liam has deservedly won.

EDP Coverage

Paint Out Norwich People's Choice Award EDP 4 Nov 2014
Paint Out Norwich People’s Choice Award, EDP, 4 Nov 2014

Liam made the Eastern Daily Press (EDP) paper on the morning of 4 November and fuller coverage in their online EDP24 edition.

One comment said:

“I am deeply envious of people who have this talent to draw or paint good pictures. Perhaps we could take the whole GoGo Gorillas initiative a stage further next year. Instead of putting gorillas around the city, for one year put up large-scale weatherproof prints of local city scenes by local people. “

Norwich Art Supplies

Norwich Art Supplies
Norwich Art Supplies

We are grateful to Norwich Art Supplies for sponsoring the People’s Choice Award at Paint Out Norwich 2014. Norwich Art Supplies were established in 1996 in the heart of Norwich, and pride themselves on offering a wide range of artistic supplies including several makes of oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, papers, print making supplies as well as drawing materials, sketch books, watercolour blocks Indian inks, gilding materials, brushes, solvents and many more. Check out their website.

Pauline Goldsworthy, co-owner of Norwich Art Supplies, said:

“We were flattered to be part of the first Paint Out Norwich
event, it is such an exciting idea for Norwich. We have had such a lot of great feedback in the shop, to say how engaging it has been and how lovely it was to see the artists at work, it has really grabbed the public’s interest and we would be very pleased to support it again in the future”.

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