Art Talk – John Sell Cotman in Norwich & London

Dr Giorgia Bottinelli, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery

John Sell Cotman in Norwich & London

Tue 16 Oct, 6pm – Georgia Bottinelli, Castle Museum & Gallery, talk on John Sell Cotman in Norwich & London

Dr Giorgia Bottinelli, curator of historic art at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery gives a talk on a member of the Norwich school of artists – ‘John Sell Cotman in Norwich and London’

These days John Sell Cotman is recognised as one of the foremost watercolourists of the 19th Century. In his lifetime, however, Cotman never achieved the recognition he felt he deserved. So overlooked was he that not one single obituary was published after his death in July 1842. This talk will focus on the last two decades of Cotman’s life when he attempted to make a name for himself first in Norwich and then in London.

Ticket Price £10 (plus booking fee)

Art Talk – The Rise of Plein Air Painting, Prof Paul Greenhalgh, SCVA

Professor Paul Greenhalgh, director of Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA), Norwich

The Rise of Plein Air Painting

Mon 15 Oct, 7pm – Paul Greenhalgh, SCVA, talk on The Rise of Plein Air Painting

Professor Paul Greenhalgh, Director of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at the UEA presents a talk on “The Rise of Plein Air Painting”?

The idea that an artist would sit in the open air in front of his or her subject and try to capture it in a single sitting belongs very much to the 19th Century. The instantaneity, immediacy, and energy of many of the great landscapes and city-scapes of that period owe everything to the concept of ‘plein air’. Working in the open air became a method exploited all over Europe and North America, but perhaps the greatest moves were made in France and England. This talk will look at the rise of plein air, and map its greatest achievements.

Ticket Price £10 (plus booking fee)

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