Paint Out 2015 Volunteers Photo by Matt Dartford


Call for Volunteers to help with Paint Out Art Festival

Paint Out is once again calling for volunteers to be a part of its multi-day art festival in Norwich. We were so appreciative of the 20+ volunteers that assisted the artists and exhibition visitors in previous years and we’re hoping that students, community, art and event lovers will want to get involved again this year.

Volunteers are needed to help guide members of the public and assist the artists on location, as well as support and staff the exhibition.

The event takes place from  14-28 October in Norwich,  and availability need only be for a day or half day within that period. 

Volunteering opportunities exist for morning, afternoon, evening, or full-days. There will be a welcome event, thank you gifts, and a chance to interact with the art and artists. We are also looking for hosts who can put up an artist in Norwich 14-18 Oct, for a small nightly fee.

The Social Media and CV website LinkedIn allows you to add Volunteering Experience to your online curriculum, job and career history, citing the fact that:

“1 in 5 managers hired someone because of their volunteer experience”

Paint Out offers as enjoyable opportunity to assist and observe the dozens of artists and hundreds of artworks being made during the competition.

“We aim to provide easy opportunities for people to gain experience with the arts. It’s a great way to be involved, have a great day out, and learn about the history of the arts in Norfolk.”

Members of the public, who are interested in volunteering and would like further information on how to be involved, you can join the volunteers Facebook group, contact the team at or fill in the form below:

Volunteer for Paint Out
Select any events for which you may be available for (anything from a part day to several days)

Volunteer Schedule Availability

Volunteer Schedule for Paint Out Norwich
Please select the days you are available
Any mobility or disability that affects physical activity or walking that we should be aware of?

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