Norwich Market

Norwich has one of one of England’s oldest continuing markets and the largest outdoor covered market in Europe consisting of around 200 stalls. It was founded on its existing site in the late 11th century to supply Norman merchants and settlers moving to the area following the Norman Conquest, it replaced an older Saxon market nearby. The market became more important still with the ascent of medieval Norwich as one of the most important and prosperous cities in England during the 14th century.

Luke H Gordon 2009 via Wiki/Flickr

The market received a fresh contemporary, if not somewhat controversial architectural redesign in 2005-6 by LSI architects, Rupert Kitchen and team. The much visited multicoloured market was well-loved by the general public and they resisted initial designs for radical change, planned stall reduction and futuristic revamp. In the end tradition and modernisation were balanced with no loss of stall space.

To this day, it remains a popular spot and frequently photographed scene, whether from Gentleman’s Walk, the Haymarket, Gaol Hill, St Peter’s Street or the newly refurbished war memorial and gardens.

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Norwich Market will feature as one of the Paint Out Norwich “en plein air” painting competition locations as part of the October 2014 Hostry Festival.

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