Watercolour Skills Masterclass with Richard Bond, 14 October, Norwich

Paint Out winner Richard Bond teaches an artist Watercolour Skills Masterclass on 14 October, in Norwich. Learn from one of the best practitioners of this art.
Taught by award-winning watercolour artist Richard Bond, this workshop is aimed at keen beginners and intermediate-level students wishing to improve their painting skills and explore different styles and methods of watercolour painting.
The course will compare and contrast the working methods of different well-known artists, and some of the key factors that help make for a successful painting.

Topics cover:

  • Painting materials and equipment
  • Preliminary drawing in pencil
  • Direct painting with the brush
  • The controlled wash
  • Using a limited palette
  • Tonal painting
  • Paper weights and surfaces
  • Brush types and sizes
The workshop includes painting demonstrations by the tutor and constructive appraisals of students’ individual work.
Paint Out Norwich Artist Workshops 14 Oct
Venue: Studio 20; payment will be requested by email after booking below
Optional but enables discounted pricing where available
Relevant to workshops aimed at younger people
These are likely current and future workshops, please let us know which ones would be of interest to you

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